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About Us

Brian Lammey – CFO

Meet Brian: quiet, reliable, and trustworthy.

Brian is the financial head of our company. He ensures all aspects of the financial part of the business are running smoothly by creating and updating reports, implementing finance, accounting, billing, and auditing procedures, obtaining necessary licenses, and analyzing cash flow, cost control, and expenses.

Richard Bolandi – CEO

Meet Rich: upbeat, savvy, and fearless.

Richard is in charge of positioning our company at the forefront of our industry. He develops strategic plans to advance the company’s mission and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organization. Accordingly, Richard represents our company at formal functions and legislative sessions, as well as through written articles and conferences. He also promotes our company to local, regional, national, and international constituents.

Sabine King – COO

Meet Sabine: funny, generous, and full of knowledge.

Sabine is in charge of our day-to-day operating activities, including the implementation of policies and procedures, establishing performance goals, and allocating resources. Additionally, Sabine successfully executes business strategies for company products and services.

Cassandra King – Sales Manager

Meet Cassandra: clever, witty, and hard-working.

Cassandra is responsible for overseeing the sales department and provides guidance and leadership to achieve growth and maximum profitability that go in line with our company’s vision and its values. She develops training guidelines to ensure all sales personnel is able to maximize their potential and expand its customer base.

Sarah Bolandi – Customer Service/Negotiations Manager

Meet Sarah: easy-going, friendly, and honest.

Sarah is responsible for ensuring our company delivers the highest and best level of customer service possible. She oversees the customer service department along with the negotiations department to deliver the best experience to our clients. In addition to managing two departments, Sarah is also in charge of training and mentoring other employees for future success within the company.

Rhovilynn Guillermo – Human Resources/Canadian Account Manager

Meet Rhov: charming, helpful, and very diligent.

Rhov is responsible for day to day human resources duties, such as administering compensation, handling employee questions and concerns, benefits, vacations, and implementing policies. Additionally, Rhov recruits and hires new employees, as well as conducts training sessions and orientations. Rhov is also the liaison between DDS and the third party processing companies we use for client accounts, where she handles and addresses questions, issues, concerns, and ensures proper processing of paperwork.

Destination Debt Solutions, LLC, was established to provide assistance in negotiating arrangements between debtors and creditors. Our dedicated team of debt counselors, negotiators and customer service representatives will work diligently to provide the best service while helping our clients manage their payday loans. Through hard work and responsible business, we have created the simplest and most affordable program available. Help with payday loan debt is within reach. Simply apply for your free consultation by filling out the easy application on the left side of your screen and one of our trained debt counselors will contact you shortly. Use our knowledge of collection practices and our expertise in debt settlement as a tool for freeing yourself of payday loan debt.

Mission Statement

Destination Debt Solutions, LLC, was founded on the principle that we could set a new standard of honesty, integrity and responsibility within the payday loan relief industry. We strive to provide exceptional service to our clients for the most reasonable price available. DDS understands the burden created by payday loan debt and seeks to offer a manageable solution for our clients. It is our mission to remain the leader of our industry.

Client Testimonials
Destination Debt Solutions has been a lifesaver. Getting caught up in the "payday loan trap" is one of the worst things you can do. However, there is someone out there that will work for you, go to bat for you, and be there for you all through the process of getting out of this mess called "Pay Day Loans." After going through some really difficult personal issues, the entire staff that I have dealt with at Destination Debt Solutions has been awesome to say the least. You call them, they answer. You email them, they answer. You don´t get some machine. Instead, you get a live person who cares about you and your situation, and they get right to work to get you taken care of. I highly recommend DDS to anyone caught in the "Pay Day Loan" trap. You can trust them 100%. You are the best!
Julie C. Kansas
Thanks so much for all your hard work. I truly appreciate the help.
Peggy H. Maryland
You are wonderful and so great to work with.
Danielle H. New York